Current version is 2.6.4 and it is fully compatible with 2.6.3
If you are currently on version 2.6.3 you simpy need to download and run the patch file here:
If you are on a version older than 2.6.3 please follow the instructions below:

MUDPRO New Version Installation instruction

  1. Export all the existing well files by clicking "Export..." in Well menu.
    Make sure to export all the well files to keep from losing any well data.
  2. To transfer an existing "Master Product List" to the new MUDPRO, please see the instruction below. (go to Step 3 if you don't have a "Master Product List")
    Please find the file "ProductMaster.mbd" under the MUDPRO folder (C:\PVI\MUDPRO\), make a copy of it and save it in another folder.
  3. Uninstall the old version of MUDPRO from your computer.
  4. Input the given password in the field below and click Submit to save the MUDPRO setup exe file to your desktop.
  5. For Windows Vista and Windows 7 users, please right click the setup exe file just downloaded and run as administrator. Otherwise, just double click the exe file to install the software.
  6. After the software is fully installed, the MUDPRO icon will be shown on your desktop. Double click it to run MUDPRO.
  7. Import the well files that were exported in Step 1.
  8. If you went through Step 2, you can transfer the copied file (ProductMaster.mbd) to new MUDPRO folder (the default path is C:\PVI\MUDPRO).

Download Software

Please input password to download MUDPRO software: